Netherlands Euthanized 6126 People Last Year, Including 213 Mentally Ill Patients

The Dutch media reported that, the 2018 euthanasia report indicates that there were 6126 reported euthanasia deaths in 2018 down from 6585 reported euthanasia deaths in 2017.
Annemarie de jong, writing for the Nordhollands Dagblad, quoted Jacob Kohnstamm, the Chairman of the Regional Review Committee on Euthanasia, that the number of euthanasia deaths was “a fluctuation in the figures”.

The article by de jong also suggests that there will be an increase in euthanasia deaths in 2019. She reported that the Nivel research institute stated:

It is striking that the number of euthanasia reports increased by 9 percent in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period last year

According to research 20% – 23% of the euthanasia deaths are not reported in the Netherlands. It is possible that some of the controversial euthanasia cases were simply not reported.

I am convinced that the lower number of reported euthanasia deaths is primarily related to the euthanasia cases that are being prosecuted in the Netherlands and Belgium. Doctors simply don’t want to be brought before a tribunal or court to justify why they lethally injected a patient.

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The number of euthanasia deaths for dementia and psychiatric problems also declined in 2018 while a new category of death causes me concern. The reported:

Of the cases reported to the committee last year, 146 concerned people with dementia and 67 people had severe psychiatric problems. In 205 cases, patients had multiple problems derived from the ageing process.

In 2017, 169 people died by euthanasia for dementia (3 were advanced dementia) and 83 people died by euthanasia for psychiatric reasons. The 205 people who had multiple problems derived from the aging process were part of a new category: “the completed life.”

There were several controversial Netherlands euthanasia stories in 2018.

In August 2017, a 5 year study sponsored by the Netherlands government showed significant increases in assisted deaths and continued abuse of the law. In January we learned that Berna van Baarsen, who had been a euthanasia assessor for 10 years, resigned over cases of euthanasia for dementia. In January, Aurelia Brouwers (29) died by euthanasia for psychiatric reasons. She was physically healthy.

In March we learned that the public prosecutor was investigating several controversial euthanasia deaths. The public prosecutor was also investigating a euthanasia group in the Netherlands after the death of a 19-year-old woman. In July a Dutch doctor was reprimanded in the euthanasia death of a woman with dementia who had resisted. In November, the Dutch doctor who euthanized a woman with dementia who had resisted, was prosecuted.

The euthanasia train left the station a long time ago in the Netherlands. Sadly, Canada is quickly riding the same euthanasia track and experiencing the same concerns.

Euthanasia was sold to the public as an “option” for people who are nearing death and suffering. It was then promoted for people who are not nearing death and fear possible future suffering. It was then extended to children and people with dementia. Finally it has extended to anyone who claims to have a “completed life.”


Fox News anchors shut down mention of attacks on churches in France

Two Fox News anchors quashed mention of the ongoing wave of attacks on Christian churches in France on their shows Monday while conducting interviews on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.

With the church burning in Paris and the cause still unconfirmed, Shepard Smith shut down a French media analyst and Neil Cavuto cut off the president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights after the guests mentioned the church attacks in expressing suspicion that the Notre Dame fire may have been intentional.

Putting the kibosh on guests venturing into speculation on the cause of the Notre Dame fire closely follows another of the network’s hosts stepping into controversy related to religious issues on the air.

Last month, Fox News suspended “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host Jeanine Pirro for comments she made concerning controversial Minnesota Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar’s adherence to Islam.

On Monday as Notre Dame was burning, Smith was interviewing Philippe Karsenty, a French media analyst of Jewish descent and sometimes politician who was found guilty in 2013 of defamation for accusations that public national television channel France 2 staged footage of a 2000 killing of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy. The case was controversial, owing to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the television being state-owned.

Karsenty told Smith that everyone in France was in shock and the Notre Dame fire amounted to a French 9/11, albeit without casualties.

“And it’s a big shock,” Karsenty said. “This church was there for more than 850 years. Even the Nazis didn’t dare to destroy it.”

When Karsenty brought up the church attacks across France, Smith cut him off, even as Karsenty tried to respond in light of the church attacks that it was possible the Notre Dame fire wasn’t accidental.

“And you need to know that for the last year we’ve had churches desecrated each and every week in France, all over France,” Karsenty said. “So of course you will hear the story, the politically correct, political correctness, which will tell you that it’s probably an accident.”

Smith then broke in.

“Sir, we’re not going to speculate here of the cause of something which we don’t know,” he said, speaking over his guest. “If you have observations or you know something, we would love to hear it.“

“No, I’m just telling you something, what we need to be ready- ”

“No sir,” Smith interrupted, “we’re not doing that here, not now, not on my watch.”

With Cavuto and the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue’s exchange on the cathedral fire in progress, Donohue told the Fox anchor that if the Notre Dame fire is an accident, it’s a monumental tragedy.

“But forgive me for being suspicious,” Donohue added before being cut off by Cavuto. “Just last month, a 17th-century church was set on fire in Paris. We’ve seen tabernacles knocked down, crosses have been torn down, statues have been smashed.”

“Bill we don’t know that,” Cavuto broke in. “So if we can, avoid what your suspicions might be. I do want to look at what happens now,” then asking Donohue about finances and the Catholic Church’s plan to restore the cathedral.

Donohue replied that authorities would first have to get to the bottom of the fire and said there was no question as to whether the Church would rebuild Notre Dame.

“But I’m sorry,” Donohue said before being interrupted again by Cavuto. “When I find out that the Eucharist is being destroyed and excrement is being smeared on crosses, this is going on now … ”

“Wait a minute, Bill,” Cavuto interjected, immediately moving to end the conversation. “I love you, Bill, but we cannot make conjectures about this. So, thank you.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Donohue tried to respond, “I‘m … ”

“Bill, I’m sorry,” Cavuto interrupted again. “Thank you very, very much.”

After Donohue was hung up on, Cavuto told viewers the network was not trying to be rude to guests, but there was much unknown about what happened with the fire.

The Notre Dame fire broke out late in the day on Monday of Holy Week, burning for some 15 hours and prompting worldwide shock and devastation.

The 850-year-old Notre Dame de Paris is the most famous of the Gothic cathedrals from the Middle Ages and is known for its size, history, art and architecture.

Home to many priceless relics of the Church, Notre Dame is regarded as a symbol of French history and the heart of Catholic France, and is known the “eldest daughter of the Church.”

Catholics were seen singing hymns and praying as they knelt in the street as the church burned on Monday.

The cathedral’s roof and spire came down, but the cathedral’s structure, its two towers and the façade were saved.

France has seen a rash of attacks against Catholic churches since the beginning of the year, including arson and desecration.

Perpetrators have shattered statues, knocked over tabernacles, scattered or destroyed the Eucharist, and they’ve torn down crosses or smeared them with human excrement.

The Church of St. Sulpice in Paris, built in the 17th century, was set on fire in March – a month that saw 12 churches desecrated in one week.

The attacks have generated fear that anti-Catholic sentiment is on the rise in the country.

Eighty percent of the church desecrations in France targets Christian sites, Breitbart’s Thomas Williams reported, equating in 2018 to an average of two Christian churches violated per day per day in France — though these incidents seldom make it into news reports.

In 2018, France’s Ministry of the Interior documented 541 anti-Semitic acts, 100 anti-Muslim acts, and 1,063 anti-Christian acts.

While the cause of the Notre Dame fire has still not been determined, authorities told the media as it was still blazing that it was being treated as accidental, citing cathedral renovations that were underway.

Fox News suspended Pirro after in March after Pirro questioned whether Omar’s adherence to Islamic doctrine, evidenced by Omar’s wearing a hijab, meant she also adhered to Sharia law, with Pirro stating, “which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution.”


Why is the mainstream media purposefully ignoring the outbreaks of both Ebola and Candida Auris? Ebola, a virus that has a mortality rate of around 50% (or higher) and spreading by the thousands in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and Candida Auris, a fungus that’s spreading all across the country also with a mortality rate of around 40-50%? Furthermore, why is the mainstream media bringing attention to the Measles virus, a virus that doesn’t have a high mortality rate and for most part goes away on its own? Why ignore the real health issues and give attention to somethings that’s rarely lethal?


Social media posts show video of purported plan to create Palestinian state in Gaza and parts of the Egyptian-ruled peninsula; actual plan expected to be launched in June

WASHINGTON — US Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt on Friday denied rumors that the soon to be released Trump peace plan called for the Palestinians to be given part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

With the Trump team keeping the details of the plan close to their chests (and with one report indicating that even US President Donald Trump has not seen the entire plan) rumors of its content have repeatedly swirled, particularly on social media.

“Please don’t believe everything you read. Surprising & sad to see how people who don’t know what’s in the plan make up & spread fake stories,” Greenblatt said.

Hearing reports our plan includes the concept that we will give a portion of Sinai (which is Egypt’s) to Gaza. False! Please don’t believe everything you read. Surprising & sad to see how people who don’t know what’s in the plan make up & spread fake stories.

Reports had circulated in recent days that under the deal, Egypt would give up a chunk of the northern Sinai that lies next to the Gaza Strip for the creation of something called the “New State.”

A video, purportedly from the Trump team, detailing the plan is apparently from an independent Israeli think tank called New State Solution.

Sinai from Egypt in the 1967 Six Day war but returned it as part of the peace deal with Cairo signed in 1979. The Egyptians are currently battling an Islamic State-linked insurgency in the region. Egypt has also said in the past that it would not give up parts of the peninsula.

The US administration’s peace plan will not be unveiled until June at the earliest, Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner said Wednesday.

Kushner told some 100 foreign diplomats the plan will be rolled out after the new Israeli government is sworn in and following the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which ends June 5.
He urged them to keep an “open mind,” according to a source cited by the Reuters news service.

“He said the plan will require concessions from both sides but won’t jeopardize the security of Israel,” Reuters quoted the source as saying.

Greenblatt confirmed the content of the Reuters report.

Little is known about the long-awaited plan, though recent reports in the Washington Post and Guardian suggested it would not include full Palestinian statehood.

That is a likely deal-breaker for Palestinians, who were already not cooperating with Trump’s Middle East team following the US president’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 2017 and moving of the US embassy there in May 2018.
New Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said Tuesday the plan will be “born dead.”
“There are no partners in Palestine for Trump. There are no Arab partners for Trump and there are no European partners for Trump,” Shtayyeh said during a wide-ranging, hour-long interview with The Associated Press.
Greenblatt has been sparing with Shtayyeh on Twitter over the deal in recent days.

At a pre-Passover White House event for conservative Jewish groups on Tuesday night, Israel’s ambassador to the US said he was confident the plan, whose details are not yet known, will “take Israel’s vital concerns into account.”

“I know a lot of people are concerned that the peace plan is going to be coming out soon,” Ron Dermer said, according to the Jewish Insider website.
“But I have to say, as Israel’s ambassador, I am confident that this administration — given its support for Israel — will take Israel’s vital concerns into account in any plan they will put forward.”
Last Friday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, said the peace plan that the White House is expected to roll out will “represent a significant change from the model that’s been used.”

Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Massacre Christians after Baby Dedication in Nigeria

#Nigeria #worl #christian persecution #Fulanherdsmen

JOS, Nigeria, April 18, 2019 (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 17 Christians who had gathered after a baby dedication at a church in central Nigeria, including the mother of the child, sources said.

Safaratu John Kabiru Ali, the mother of the baby, was slain in the attack on Sunday (April 14) in Konshu-Numa village, in Nasarawa state’s Akwanga County, which also took the lives of people ranging in age from 10 to 80. The baby’s father, John Kabiru Ali, was shot and is in critical condition, sources said. He is receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of the Federal Medical Centre, Keffi, in Nasarawa state.

The attack took place at about 7 p.m. as Christians in the predominantly Christian community gathered to eat after the child was dedicated that morning at the Ruhaniya Baptist Church in the village.

The massacred Christians were buried on Wednesday (April 17) after a funeral service at the Baptist church.

A resident of Akwanga town who lost relatives in the shooting, Jacob Tantse, told Morning Star News that 17 Christians were killed, including 10 members of the Ruhaniya Baptist Church, five members of Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC), one member of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), and a musician playing for guests.

Tantse identified those killed as Ali Nkene, 80; Gode Kako, 13; Afiniki Kako, 10; Matthew Emmanuel, 28; Tafiya Baya, 17; Sarakuna Haruna, 21; Amos Julius, 60; Mary Amos, 40; Sunday Adebayo John, 21; Talatu Mada, 40; Saratu Kabiru John, 21; Justina Barrau, 60; Simon Anfani, 37; Kadon Sule, 20; Ayuba Bulus, 11; Haruna Bawa, 22; and the musician, Samame Andaha, 28.

He also said eight Christians, including the host of the event, John Kabiru Ali, were wounded in the attack.

“They include members of the various congregations of the Baptist, Catholic, and ERCC churches,” Tantse said.

He identified those wounded as John Kabiru Ali, 32; Maikasuwa Engila, 30; Biyaya Engila, 60; Ayuba Maikano, 80; Juliana Clement, 47; Gode Tijani, 30; Nicholas Danzaria, 26; and Alkali Raba, 43.

The wounded are from ERCC churches in Ngah Bar-Numa and Angwan Pa-Numa villages; the Roman Catholic Church in Nghah-Numa; the ECWA church in Gyan-Numa; the Ruhaniya Baptist Church in Konshu-Numa; and the Nasara Baptist Church in Numa, he said.

Samuel Meshi, chairman of the Akwanga Local Government Council, told Morning Star News that area Christians had done nothing to provoke the attack by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen.

“They just started shooting sporadically on a community that was just having a feast of dedication of a child after a church service earlier in the day on Sunday, 14 April, at a Baptist church in the area,” Meshi said. “The killings occurred in the evening of that day. Unfortunately, these persons were killed in cold blood for just no reason.”

Pastor Samson Gamu Yare, community leader of the Mada ethnic group in Nasarawa state, reportedly described the killings as “barbaric.” He called on the federal government to urgently take measures towards curtailing the menace of herdsmen attacks on his people.

Nigeria ranked 12th on Open Doors’ 2019 World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer the most persecution.

Christians make up 51.3 percent of Nigeria’s population, while Muslims living primarily in the north and middle belt account for 45 percent.


Friday morning’s commute was complicated for some who had to worry about tornados slowing them down. In several Florida and Georgia counties, there were tornado watches or tornado warnings issued. Understanding the timing, and severity, of these National Weather Service announcements can be a matter of life and death.

Most of the warnings mostly ended by 9 a.m. EDT, with two that ran until 9:45 a.m. in southeastern Grady and southwestern Thomas counties. The watches, which are less severe than a warning, were still in effect until 11 a.m.

The National Weather Service originally issued the tornado watches to last until 9 a.m. but later moved them to last until 11 a.m. Major parts of the Florida Panhandle were included in the list of counties and cities included in the watch.

In addition to the watches being issued on land, they were also issued for the coastal waters, according to the NWS. “Apalachee Bay or Coastal Waters from Keaton Beach to Ochlockonee River Fl out to 20 Nm, Coastal Waters from Ochlockonee River to Apalachicola Fl out To 20 Nm and Coastal Waters from Suwannee River to Keaton Beach Fl out 20 Nm,” were all under watches said the alert from the NWS.

Additionally, there were many counties on land where the watches were in effect. Those counties were Dixie, Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Lafayette, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla all in Big Bend Florida.

In Georgia there were 23 counties that were part of the watch, the NWS broke them down by south-central Georgia and southwest Georgia. In south-central Georgia the watch included: Ben Hill, Berrien, Brooks, Colquitt, Cook, Irwin, Lanier, Lowndes, Thomas, Tift, Turner and Worth. In southwest Georgia the counties were: Baker, Calhoun, Decatur, Dougherty, Grady, Lee, Miller, Mitchell, Randolph, Seminole and Terrell.

The details on the latest warnings and watches can be found on the NWS website and the NWS tornado Twitter account online. People in the area should also pay attention to local broadcasts and any warnings from local officials.


People should also know the difference between a tornado warning and a tornado watch because one is a more imminent threat than the other. A warning means there was a tornado either spotted in the area or on radar, the danger is imminent and people should immediately seek shelter from it. A watch means the conditions are right for a tornado and one is possible, so people should be prepared to follow their emergency plans.


PA: Without Jerusalem, ‘there is nothing to talk about’

Senior PA official slams US peace plan, promising to continue terror salaries. ‘You can’t send a soldier and then not help his family.’

Palestinian Authority “Information Minister” Nabil Abu Rudeina attacked the “Deal of the Century” that the Trump administration is expected to release in the coming weeks.

“What we saw from the deal so far is not acceptable. If not all the issues are on the table – Jerusalem, refugees – there is nothing to talk about,” Abu Rudeina said.

He stressed that the Palestinian Authority would not accept the United States as a sole mediator, and made it clear that the salaries of terrorists would not be stopped. “You cannot send a soldier and then not help his family.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said at the beginning of the week that the Palestinians face many challenges, greatest of which is the Deal of the Century – the American political plan aimed at achieving peace between Israel and the PA.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the new Palestinian government headed by Mohammad Shtayeh, Abbas said that in the end, “nothing will remain of [the deal] and there will be no mention of it.”

We opposed this deal in the first place because it took Al-Quds out of Palestine, so we did not want the rest [of the plan] because there is no state without Al-Quds, and there will be neither a state in Gaza nor a state without Gaza,” Abbas said.

He added: “Why does President Trump want to talk about any solution or any issue after he transferred the embassy to Al-Quds and recognized Al-Quds as the capital of Israel? Therefore, I don’t think there is any sense in talking with him.”