Church’s Rental Money to Be Used to Fund LGBT Events

(CL) – The Austin Independent School District (AISD) has decided to take some of the funds it has received from a local church and put them toward LGBT-related activities, including Austin’s annual Pride parade. The decision comes after months of protests from gay rights advocates, who want the district to stop renting its facilities to organizations that do not support gay marriage. “We do have a core value of equity, diversity and inclusion in this district,” said Jacob Reach, according to the Austin-American Statesman. Reach, who is the Austin school district’s chief of staff, said that “Every year,

the organizers of [Pride week] have struggled to find donations, money and support to be able to include AISD students and teachers in this event. So we were able to set aside for them so they don’t have [to] go out and try to raise the money.” The Statesman reports that 298 organizations rent from the AISD. These organizations include 41 other churches besides the church in question, Celebration Church. Celebration Church is a multisite church, co-pastored by Joe and Lori Champion, and is a member of the Association of Related Churches, an organization that supports church plan

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